Danfoss Filter Drier Story
Interactive presentation showing Danfoss 74 years of experience and expertise in manufacturing filter driers. The most important facts and figures from 1938 when the 1st Danfoss filter drier left the factory in Nordborg, Denmark until 2012 — opening of a new factory in Chennai, India. “A proud history of growth, expansion and success”.

Optyma Light Commercial Condensing Units

See why the Danfoss Optyma™ light commercial condensing unit is the easiest to install, easiest to service, and most reliable light commercial condensing unit available.

Blackhawk – Expanding Foam Coil Cleaner
Blackhawk expanding foam coil cleaner attacks grease and grime like the pests they are; Non-Rinse for evaporator applications.

Nu Brite – Best Practices for Outdoor Coils
Nu-Calgon offers many products for cleaning outdoor coils including Nu-Brite – the industry’s #1 Coil Cleaner – but also other products like the Coil Gun and Coil Gun Probe to make coil cleaning effective and safe while giving outstanding, repeatable results.

Compressor Installation on Air Conditioning Unit
Brief demonstration on how to Install Air Conditioning Compressor on A/C unit. Safety tips and the use of Freon Gauges included. Unit is a Goodman 4 Ton.

AC Servicing
Basic info about split ac outdoor maintenance.

How to Fix a Leaking Aircon Unit – DIY Now
How to fix a leaking aircon unit, air conditioner can be repaired by some simple steps in this DIY video. Air conditioning in Singapore is crucial, and when your air conditioners start to leak, you need to unblock the drainage run off pipe. Here I show you how to do this using my own air conditioner which started leaking the night before.

Air conditioner do it yourself repair. AC charging
Here in this video I am showing how to charge Freon in split air conditioner. This is not something a complete tutorial on evacuation and refilling but showing only the way to refill the system if it had been leaked down due to some reason and low on cooling. This will help DIY guys to figure out their air conditioner at their own facilities without removal and taking them to service centers. By this way the job will be done in budget. Some times I will shoot a complete video on the system installation and charging when ever get a chance.

How to Repair / Replace HVAC Run Start Capacitor – Air Conditioner
A bad capacitor can do weird things because it is not a part like a fuse where it either works or it doesn’t. Capacitors can start to go bad and it is a slow process. The Air conditioner fan and compressor will hobble along till it can’t work anymore. Remember to please please please know what you are doing when it comes to electricity. Triple check the power is off and confirm with a voltmeter. Be sure to educate and qualify yourself for the task before you begin.